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Name:Geneviève Emmanuelle "Gen" Hart
Birthdate:Nov 11

Geneviève Emmanuelle Hart who answers only to "Gen," or sometimes "bitch" if her brother's in a sassy mood (which he really always is), is the only daughter born of the short lived marriage between Russell Akerman, the owner of a well-known marketing firm in New York City, and Linda Pullman, a young, recently relocated midwestern girl from Kansas who'd come to New York with dreams of a career in fashion. Any chance of the modelling career she'd first hoped for was more or less lost when she met the charming Russell and more or less gave up her dreams in favor of being his trophy wife. He was well-to-do, and she thought that she was doing well for herself. But when she became pregnant, with Russell absolutely not wanting a baby, and all but trying to force her to have an abortion, Linda left him.

By some stroke of unforeseen luck, or maybe just a healthy dose of kismet, Linda ran into her high school sweetheart, Frank Hart, that very night. He'd graduated a year ahead of her, and had started a landscaping business back in Kansas, but a fire had destroyed a huge portion of his equipment, and he'd used the insurance money to make a move to New York himself in hopes of trying his hand at something different. The pair just happened to run into one another in the lobby of one of the more inexpensive hotels in the City. To save money, they ended up sharing a room, and Linda told Frank the whole tale of her failed marriage then and there. Their relationship had ended amicably back home when life was just leading them in different directions, but now, here they were, Frank nearing 21 and Linda not yet 20, and life had pulled them right back together. They didn't sleep together that night, but Frank did hold Linda close and assure her that everything would be all right. He'd never stopped loving her, and he offered then and there on the spot to marry her as soon as her divorce was final, and raise her child as his own.

The divorce was finalized quickly, when Russell accused Linda of cheating, and, in order to allow a quicker divorce, she said that she had, though that wasn't true. A few weeks after the divorce was final, Frank and Linda were married in a quickie ceremony at City Hall, and they began their life together, welcoming the baby girl a few months later. Always fascinated by France, and the fashion world of Paris, Linda gave her daughter a French name, though Frank would immediately shorten it to "Gen."

Things were never financially easy for the couple, and Linda told Frank numerous times that they could move out to the suburbs instead of spending so much to live in the City, but Frank knew his bride, and he knew that New York had captured her heart. He couldn't take her away from the place. So they both worked hard to make ends meet, Frank working as a building super for an apartment block in Manhattan, where they lived, and Linda as a seamstress, still clinging to her love of fashion, just in a different way. Money was extremely tight, and when Linda became pregnant again when Gen was only 4 months old, the couple was at a complete loss as to what they were going to do. But they couldn't help being excited, and when son Paris was born, a preemie, but healthy, they still managed to get by through very strict budgeting and working hard as a couple.

It may not have been easy, but there was a great deal of love in the family, and things were difficult, but good. Until tragedy struck. When Gen was 8 years old, and Paris 7, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought long and hard, but ended up losing her battle a year and a half later. Frank's whole world fell apart around him, and it was a struggle for him to be the father he needed to be in the midst of his grief. Friends stepped in, helping as much as they could, but the loss of their mother truly served to bring Gen and Paris closer than they ever had been. The pair were inseparable, and looked out for each other, along with becoming very protective of their dad. Frank continued to struggle with his grief, and Gen and Paris often had to do the best they could with looking after each other. It was never that Frank wasn't a good or loving parent, but that his marriage with Linda had been his rock, and the loss of her had shaken him to his core.

As they got older, Gen and Paris found their way through life, doing the best they could. Gen would help Paris with his homework, and at night, they would talk about fashion and boys. Gen knew Paris was gay before she even knew what gay meant, and for her, it meant absolutely nothing in the scheme of how much she loved her brother. In fact, it just made it more fun to be able to talk about boys together. But Paris didn't tell their dad about his homosexuality until later on, when they were in high school.

High school, which was quite the difficult experience for them both. Gen was pretty and popular, and had her pick of the boys at school, but Paris was bullied pretty seriously by a lot of douchebag kids that Gen would quickly put in their place. She refused to go out with any guy who had ever bullied Paris, and told most of them to blow it out their ass if they tried. Without the benefit of the strong bond she'd once had with her dad, though she did still know that he very much loved her, Gen lost her virginity at 16 in an unprotected encounter with a guy she had been on one date with. To her horror, that encounter left her pregnant, and terrified and unsure of herself, she immediately turned to her little brother. He crawled in her bed with her like he used to when he was a little boy and had bad dreams, and let her cry all she wanted, while he assured her that everything would be okay, because she was smart enough to make the right decision for herself. Knowing full well that having the baby, even if she gave it up for adoption, would be a horrific experience, and that she sure as hell couldn't raise it by herself, Gen made the difficult decision to terminate. Telling no one else but Paris, she made an appointment at Planned Parenthood, and Paris went with her as moral support and to make sure she got home okay. Unfortunately, by the time the frightened teenager went to Planned Parenthood, she was 12 weeks along. She was told it would be an inpatient procedure, and ultimately, got too spooked to go through with it.

Instead, she spent the rest of the school year using her fashion knowledge to the best of her ability to hide her expanding middle, and being thankful that her stomach didn't blow up to epic proportions. Paris helped he concoct a story about a special summer camp, and she went away for the end of her pregnancy, staying with the family that had chosen to adopt her baby. They cared for her, provided her medical needs, and even allowed Paris to stay with them for a few weeks toward the end of the summer so that he could be there to support his big sister when she finally signed the papers to give her daughter up for adoption. The couple was lovely, in their mid-thirties, both artistic and kind, and Gen knew that they were the right people for the job.

That didn't make it any easier for her when she gave birth to a beautiful little girl and then had to sign the papers to give her away. She spent those last few days in the hospital largely trying to separate herself from what had happened, dealing with a social worker, and having her baby brother with her as moral support. And then she packed up, went back home, and she and Paris pretended nothing had ever happened.

When Paris came out to Frank in high school, it was just the kick in the pants the father needed to realize just how far he'd let himself go from the close bond he'd once had with his children. He began making a more active effort to be involved in their lives, and eventually ended up falling in love again, this time with Gen's English teacher, Suzanne.

After graduation, Gen went to NYU and earned her degree in journalism, while Paris pursued fashion as his career. Both of them finished college, much to their father's pride, and once out of school, the question of "What next?" came crashing down on them.

Gen was every bit the cold hard bitch when she needed to be, and it was with the power of that behind her that she walked right into the office of her biological father's marketing firm, announcing that he was her daughter, and he had two choices -- give her the startup cash for a fashion magazine, and have his firm handle all the marketing, or she could go to the New York Times and make sure everybody and their mother in the City knew that he was a shitty human being who turned his back on his own kid. This was hardly an image he wanted projected when he had remarried, had two teenage kids, and had established himself as a leader in his church to boot. She assured him that the money would be taken as a loan and paid in full once the magazine was doing okay, and that he would be well paid for the marketing side of things once that, too, was a profitable pursuit. Not willing to lose his reputation, he agreed, and Gen and Paris put their heads together to create Fabulous magazine, a fashion mag that catered not only to women, but to gay men. It took a few years of hard yards, but the magazine made it, and even became a pretty profitable operation. Better than that, though, as far as both siblings were concerned, was the fact that top labels and designers kept them literally rolling in the latest fashions, and they always had unbelievable clothing at their fingertips.

They couldn't be prouder of what they've created, and as things have exploded more and more, they've taken on a much more highly paid corporate attorney to handle the legal side of their company, and Gen has already more than discovered that said attorney, Mark Campbell, has more than just legal talent going for him.

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